The most important thing the company is thought to survive forever.
Human digrity as a person to keep woring there for any small company,
I think it can live.
In order to stay in business forever, not a company must maintain a profit.
In trying to live like that does not any others.
It is cheaper to manufacture products quickly and accurately to our needs dor that campany.
Fun and easy to produce the latest technology nachinery in the factory enviroment beautifully
appointed, the company would like that.
President by Makoto Iwata
3189-1 Tanabora Mino Gifu JAPAN TEL +81-575-33-0826

FAX +81-575-35-2368
Chairman Kouichiro Takai
President Makoto Iwata
Established Junuary 1953
Founded 8th May 1990
Annual Sales 240million yen (as of 2009)
Namber of employees 70 (as of 2007)
Manufacturing of standard part for metal mold and standard part for automatic instrument,
miniture Cuppling and Bussing, Handle for machinery,
parts of oil pressure equipment ,
special screw product and parts for transporation.